Aluminium doors

aluminija durvis

Aluminium doors

Doors are like a building’s business card, stylish and high-quality doors create a positive first impression of the building. The door has a wide range of design and functionality options. Outward opening doors, inward opening and sliding doors are available.

The main advantage of aluminum doors is the longevity. The door does not rust and retains its appearance and functionality for up to 50 years. Aluminum doors can be made to your dimensions and equipped with everything you need for good operation. Aluminum doors with glass allow you to make maximum use of sunlight to illuminate the rooms behind them. Aluminum doors are environmentally friendly and safe because, unlike plastic doors, aluminum doors do not emit toxic substances and are less exposed to temperature.

Colors and appearance

  • Aluminum doors look elegant and expensive, PVC doors find it difficult to compete with the elegance of aluminum doors. Aluminum doors will fit into any interior and exterior, will fit even into old-fashioned or modern design solutions.
  • Aluminum doors can be painted in any color according to the RAL catalog. You can easily match the door to the facade and interior of the building.
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Additional equipment

It is possible to choose different handles for aluminum doors, decorative or push-on, locks with their point or single-point locking points, with a tongue or roller, mechanical shutters are avaible. Built-in ventilation is available. An automatic door closer and a lowered aluminum threshold can be installed. Additional hinges (instead of three – four), which increase the strength of the door.

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