Lifting industrial gates


Lifting industrial gates

Sectional industrial gates are intended for use in the industrial, manufacturing and commercial sectors. The gate is made according to your dimensions. Industrial sectional doors are distinguished by large dimensions, equipment, increased protection against aggressive environments, but they do not lose their visual aesthetics and look as good as garage doors. Industrial gates will increase the height of your work, save space, be easy to use and durable.

Technical characteristics of sections

For our gate thermosets, the outer metal is separated from the inner metal, it does not touch the joints and does not form a cold bridge, resulting in effective thermal insulation. Thermos sections are made with an increased thermal insulation bridge, an additional strength strip 1 mm thick and a stucco engraving surface with a heat transfer coefficient U = 0.8 W / m2K, which is confirmed by a testing certificate.

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Panel type and texture

Just like garage lift gates, industrial gates can be assigned a texture and panel type.


Industrial gates can be assigned an individual color, both from the outside and from the inside. It is possible to paint the gate in wood imitation tones or in any color according to the colors of the RAL catalog. Standard shades are exterior RAL-9010 or RAL-9002 (White), RAL-8014 Brown, RAL-9006 Silver or RAL-7016 Anthracite Gray. The paint is resistant to environmental influences and does not fade under the sun’s rays.

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Gate equipment

To increase the convenience of the gate, it is possible to install a staff door with a door closer. The gate can be equipped with windows or with panoramic windows. It is possible to install a chain reducer, which will ensure easy opening and closing of heavy gates by pulling or releasing the chain by hand, as well as BFT brand automation is available. Ventilation grilles, safety cable with switch, gate locking switch available.

If the gate is used in places with aggressive environments (water, acid or alkaline environment), it is possible to use stainless steel parts and non-corroding screws.

Industrial electric motors are equipped with high lifting capacity and are suitable for operation of gates of various sizes. The motor makes the operation of the gate smoother by balancing the overall lifting capacity. Electric motors can be connected to other control devices in your premises and they have a wide range of options.


For accurate ordering of the gate, it is important to know the dimensions of the assembly points and the conditions of use. Our professional masters will ensure quality measurement and gate installation.

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