As is often the case, over time, any mechanical equipment begins to perform worse because its moving parts are worn out due to environmental influences or frequent operation. It is important to identify damaged parts in good time, otherwise the damaged part will cause a chain reaction and contribute to the failure of other parts until the gate is completely damaged. Non properly maintained gates can stop working at any moment, which can take your personal time, cause material damage or even take lives.

Our company offers quality and professional gate maintenance and repair. The work will be done qualitatively and on time. We offer customer service throughout Latvia.


Gate service maintenance includes:

  • Gate inspection;
  • Full gate maintenance;
  • Damage prevention;
  • Lubrication and adjustment of moving parts of the gate (rollers, guides, springs, rails, seals and other parts);
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting software errors;
  • Adjustment of fasteners and springs

The service can be received as a call, speed dial or contract.

When compiling the service on the basis of a contract, the price will be calculated during compilation depending on the number of gates, transport costs, maintenance period.