Window Fittings


Window Fittings

MACO fittings are manufactured by a reliable Austrian company, which gives a 10-year warranty on its products. The fittings are resistant to 20,000 cycles of mechanical loads. All moving elements of MACO fittings are protected from corrosion with patented technology. To provide greater corrosion protection, 3 layers are applied – zinc, chromium and wax.

Hidden hinges

MACO offers fittings with a hidden group of hinges, which are integrated in the sash groove and are not visible from both sides of the window. Concealed hinges increase security and provide burglary from a group of hinges. Concealed hinges do not compress the rubber seals and provide a continuous sealing contour, consequently, no drafts at the hinge group and no condensation at the groove. The metal parts of the hinges do not protrude inside the sash and do not form a “cold bridge”, thus effectively reducing heat output. The lifting capacity of the hidden hinges is 100 kg.


The locking-lift prevents the sash from hanging, provides an additional sash support point, which reduces the load on the hinges and ensures easy opening and closing of the sash for several years.

Burglary protection

The MACO fittings line includes anti-burglary rollers and pins. At the moment, this system is the most advanced and absolutely secure solution to protect your home from burglary through the window. The system can withstand a load of up to 800 kg.

Opening locking mechanism

The MACO opening locking mechanism with springs ensures a better fit of the sash to the frame, which prevents the occurrence of blowing.

Lock against unauthorized opening of the sash

MACO offers to install brake fittings that prevent the window from closing arbitrarily during drafts. The built-in lock locks the window in the open position, which will prevent the window from ‘clogging’ during ventilation and will prevent the window from being damaged. The closing lock is controlled by the handle and locks the sash in any position.


Even a closed window does not guarantee safety, the child can turn the handle and open the sash without much effort. To prevent this from happening, MACO designers have found a solution – the production line was supplemented with an opening lock.


Can be additionally mounted on the hinged-tilting sash from below. This element locks the window from opening in open mode, but allows the window to be tilted. It is possible to complete with a lock – in this case the window will have ventilation possibilities, but it will not be able to open in opening mode. The use of such a blocker is useful in the rooms of small, curious occupants, as well as on the upper floors of public buildings.


MACO offers stylish window handles from the HARMONY and RHAPSODY collection.

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