Lifting garage doors


Lifting garage doors

Lifting sectional garage doors are one of the most popular types of gates, they save space and provide a pleasant overall appearance of the garage. Lifting sectional doors are durable and last a long time in normal working conditions, are available in several colors and with different panel structures. The gate is suitable for use both in warm rooms and in cold places. The gate is made of galvanized steel and antique-type sections, which provide thermal insulation and long service life. The gate is manufactured in Latvia and certified with the international standard EN13241-1: 2003. Garage doors are made to your dimensions.

Types of panels

We offer various types of gate panel design solutions. In addition, it is possible to make sections from a completely smooth structure as well as aluminum profiles. The panels are easy to install, replaceable, durable. Withstands the effects of the external environment.

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Panelu struktura apelsins

Panel structures

Once you have decided which type of panel you want, you also need to choose the structure of the panel. As standard, you can choose sections with wood texture engraving or orange (stucco) surface structure on the outside. In addition, it is possible to make sections from a completely smooth structure as well as aluminum profiles.


Match your new gate to your facade or roof, exterior or interior, windows or doors. The panels can be painted in wood imitation colors, as well as in any color from the RAL catalog. As standard, the gate is painted on the outside in RAL 9006 (Silver), RAL 9010 (White), RAL 9002 (White), RAL 8014 (Brown) or RAL 7016 (Anthracite Gray). Standard color from the inside RAL 9010 (White) or RAL 9002 (Ash white). The paint does not fade under the sun’s rays and does not begin to peel over time.

RAL-K7 (1)
varti green

Equipment and automation

The set of garages can be improved with the elements you need. In addition, it is possible to install staff doors, windows, emergency cable with a key, and automation.

By installing automation, you will get even closer to modern technologies. You will no longer need to climb out of your vehicle in rainy, windy or generally unpleasant weather to open or close the garage door, it will be easy to do so from the vehicle. BFT automation is available for the gate.

How to measure and install

In order to order the gate accurately, the required dimensions of the box and assembly points must be specified. Our professional masters can perform high-quality measurements as well as gate assembly.

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