Sliding gates


Sliding gates

Sliding gates are a modern solution for courtyards and areas where the gated area has been vacated. Sliding gates are an ideal solution when there is little space in front of and behind the gate for the use of swing gates. Sliding gates are durable, easy to use and will last for several years. Can be used both in the private sector and in the industrial sector. We can make the gate according to your dimensions.


Sliding gates description

Sliding gates are made to your size from metal square pipes. After installation, the gate can be upholstered and matched to a fence or house facade. The mechanical safety of the sliding gate construction is ensured by means of two block rollers, which move in a special profiled beam, which is located in the lower part of the gate leaf. The two blocks are located at a precisely calculated distance from each other and provide the required balanced balance throughout the moving system. The console blocks are mounted on a solid base.


The prepared gates are primed and painted. The gate can be painted in any color according to the RAL color catalog. The paint does not obey the external conditions and does not fade under the sun’s rays.

RAL-K7 (1)
deimos_A_BT_ultra (1)


Sliding gates can be equipped with BFT brand automation, which will make the use of the gate even more pleasant. In addition, it is possible to install a signal light and photosensors, which will increase the security of the gate. Automated gates can be controlled with the MITTO wireless control panel.