Sliding systems


Sliding systems

We offer our customers, on the market, the most advanced, energy-efficient large sliding doors Aluplast HST and PATIO. Due to the large glazed fields, you can connect the living room with a terrace, balcony or yard, which gives your home a modern look while maintaining the overall energy efficiency of the building.

The special frame construction allows to make sliding structures up to 6 meters wide and 2.6 meters high, where the size of one sash can reach 3 meters wide. Despite the fact that the total weight of the structure can reach 500 kg, the ease of daily use of the door is guaranteed, even the child will be able to open the door. The HST system is completely safe and does not require constant maintenance.

HST 85mm system benefits:
● Increased thermal insulation, U value only 0.95 W / m² K. Passive house standard according to IFT Rosenheim certification
● Increased fixed part light areas
● Ideal for three double glazing, thickness up to 51 mm
● Modularly connected types of thresholds and rails – choice of aluminum or fiber-reinforced composite material
● Integrated sealing system to increase product quality in the long run
● Available in different colors
● High strength construction


In parallel, the sliding system PATIO can be equipped from the outside with invisible winter ventilation. Due to the safety plates, in the winter ventilation position, the door is burglar-proof.

  • During opening, the sash evenly extends completely into the interior of the room and opens along the rail.
  • Due to the damper, no great force is required to open, close and slide the sash.
  • The door is equally safe in closed and ventilated mode, which corresponds to class RC1 and RC2. All you have to do is lift the handle up and the sash gets evenly off the frame, but it can’t be opened completely, which means you can ventilate the room safely and not worry about safety.
  • PATIO fittings combine ease of use, safety and aesthetic appearance.

Aluminum sliding systems

ALT100 is an aluminum profile system for glazing balconies, loggias and terraces. Frames protect balconies, loggias and terraces from rain and wind, noise and dust, improve thermal insulation, create additional coziness and comfort. The system allows you to create designs with sliding, hinged and fixed sash. Using corner adapters and connectors, the various designs assembled in the ALT100 series profiles can be combined. The number of sheets in the structure can vary depending on the required width and height of glazing. Their height and width shall be chosen taking into account the wind loads which affect the structure during use in a given region.

All ALT100 system profiles are made only of first-use aluminum (like all other products in the system) and coated with polyester powder, which provides high weather resistance and increases durability.

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